Angel with a
Sense of Humour

Gail is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® trained by Dr. Doreen Virtue and gives angel readings by e-mail, phone or in person.

The Angels are real and loving and want to be a part of our lives giving us messages when we ask for their guidance. They are eager to make contact with us and ready to serve.

As human beings our hearts hunger for spiritual fulfillment, especially when life doesn’t make sense. The Angels help to answer our questions and guide us to solutions. They serve as 24-hour per day problem solvers. They never leave us and watch over us with compassion. They communicate lovingly and with a great sense of humour at times. The divine realm often communicates with us during our dreams so Angels are using every means possible to be in touch.

Cone Flower Angel

Angel therapy is a non-denominational method that involves working with the angels to heal our lives. Everyone hasguardian angels and they perform God’s will of peace for us all. Messages from the angels can truly make our lives more peaceful.

Gail’s Angel Readings are done by utilizing a variety of tools including Angel Cards, Clairsentient and visualizations. Being highly sensitive, experienced in energy work through Therapeutic Touch and Reiki, Gail has tuned-in sensitivities to the Angels. As a writer and poet she has written many poems about spirituality including Angels. As a doodle artist she constantly draws Angels and Fairies. Being a reincarnated Angel herself she feels very close to Angels as her friends, guides and companions.

Sensitivity is a gift and a very special attribute that many of us have grown up with never realizing the benefits to mankind of helping others. Gail has a life purpose to serve others using her sensitivity.

Prices upon request!

The Serenity Angel

I Bring You a Bouquet of Love
New Book Now Available!


The angels have been speaking to me for many years. They give me ideas, suggestions, intuition, words, phrases, lines of poetry and titles to write about. They are my heartfelt friends. The coffee table book will be ready for you to purchase in the Fall of 2009.

I had to articulate what was happening to me. As I opened my heart and gave freely to writing I’ve been blessed with spiritual help. I’m not sure that I was prepared for my constant awakenings around 3 A.M. to think, write, read and draw. It is as if my day begins in the early morning hours. It has played havoc with my daily routines. When I write at night or in the early morning the poem or story is typed the next day. I feel it is my duty to finalize the results of my writing and store it in the computer for longevity. When I write with the words in my heart, I bring love and peace to myself. We must start with ourselves first. My energy then becomes part of the collective and the bright light of my soul radiates out to the universe for I am living my passion. Like attracts like and many people have peace in their hearts and come forward to become a new world together with myself. Those in need and in search of their own true spirit are also attracted for the power of my love and that of others is enough to ignite passion within them. All it takes is a “flicker”. Hope takes hold and action results.

Holding Hands with an Angel in Greece

Angel Witness is a compilation of my Angel related poetry, stories and Angel doodle art. It is personal and I share it openly and willingly to help heal the world. I am one person staying true to myself and my life’s purpose of helping others through my writing and drawing. I feel that I can make a difference. I am honoured to take you on my journey and share this angelic energy with you. Just by reading this book you are enveloping yourself in the mystery of the universe where miracles happen to ordinary people and Angels lead you to open doors to make your life more meaningful.

I will hold the space of love for you and pray that your sacred journey will be energized and transformed.

If you would like to write to me about your
Spiritual Journey or Angel Experiences
please don’t be shy. Write to me at:
Gail McNaughton,
51 Rosebery Place,
St. Thomas, Ontario,
Canada, N5R 2 H9
or e-mail me at
Your angel artwork is also welcome.

Angel Art in Hawaii

Holding Hands With An Angel
by Gail McNaughton

Would you hold my hand,
Because I am confused and scared?
I know you are invisible,
But I also know you are invincible.
I believe!
I believe!
You came a tugging at my sleeve,
Turned on lights to make me believe.
I imagine your eyes are like hibiscus flowers,
And my past, present and future,
Shine like a butterfly unfolding in nature,
And soaking up God's radiance in the sun.
Your presence felt like well-worn tapestry,
Sheer comfort and joy to remember above all else.
Let's just sit here holding hands.
I'll not pretend and will open my heart to know more.
Help me turn my fear to happiness,
And live in the land of angel food cake healings,
For you are a miracle,
And I am ready to serve.©


By Gail McNaughton, September 5, 2006
Written as a “celebration” for the opening of The Daniel King Funeral Home

The thunderbolts were heavy,
Made of crystal and ice,
And I just heaved them,
Over the edge of the universe.
I slept now,
For angels need rest,
And I did my best,
To help You,
So now I can sleep in peace.
You had such a vision,
And consulted The Book Of The World,
Which you had written,
And needed to remember,
Some of the things,
That you had already decided upon.
Creating a world,
For all of eternity,
Was going to take some time,
But the formal steps were in place.
As your loyal servant,
I sat on your right side,
And listened to instruction.
I wasn’t a scientist, or an engineer.
You often smiled,
And got very excited,
As you created the mold,
For the birds and flowers.
It seemed preposterous to me,
That things would grow from seeds,
With such a magnificent outcome.
But you being all wise,
You just listened to my diatribes.
I would doze off and then come to.
I couldn’t help but sigh,
When I saw you paint,
The first sunset.
It was breathtaking and awesome.
The sun, the stars and moon,
Were so special,
And I could feel the glory of Heaven,
When I saw the reflection,
And felt the sun’s rays,
On my wings.
They were like stained-glass windows,
And I held them out,
And found that I was recharged.
God pointed a finger at me,
With a humourous look on his face,
And icicles dripped,
From my nose and lashes,
And He proclaimed,
“Let there be snow”.
The first offering was pellets.
And they felt like stones being thrown,
And He had already gone through,
The exercise of,
Creating the rivers, lakes and oceans,
Beaches, mountains, meadows,
Forests, right down to,
Boulders, rocks and stones.
The next offering was a downpour,
Of gentle snow,
And it quickly piled up around me.
After two feet I asked Him to stop,
For my gown was wet at the bottom.


The Indian Summer was the best season, he created.
It was lush for everything was in full bloom,
And when he dipped his paintbrush in red,
And then fanned it out to other colours,
I knew this would be a place,
That I would go to witness,
Summer’s splendor mellowing into,
Fall’s charm.
I haven’t told you the best part.
God’s Ambassador was my newest duty,
So I was there with Adam and Eve,
And watched the world’s,
Humans etch out their history,
Of the beginning of creation.
I would report back to God,
To tweak certain things,
So all would fall into place.
I was really experiencing,
An early version of space travel,
And you know,
To this day they’ve never caught up,
With my lightening speed,
Of being in many places,
At the same time.
Well, I must go,
And get some more rest,
For night and day have been busy,
But great things were created,
In seven days,
That you will spend the rest of your life,
Marvelling at.
Just enjoy your life,
And call upon me,
For I am Michael,
And I am your servant.
Please feel free to share me with God,
To search for knowledge and truth,
But can I suggest that,
I am His faithful servant,
And He is the almighty one,
Who will be there,
To hold your heart’s desires,
In the palm of His hands,
For He is your eternal Father,
And breathed life into you.
It is He who you turn to,
To ask Life’s questions,
And to explore your purpose,
And life’s work.
This bidding will resonate with me,
And initiate my calling,
To help you with my band of angels.
We will be there for you.
We have fleeting moments,
And our time is not your time,
And we come with solutions,
That are innovative and creative,
That we help you pull out,
Of the essence of who you are.
So just relax with your queries in life,
And all of us will be there just for you.
One last thing –
Find peace in the solitude of the morning,
And sleep well after a day’s work,
Whoever you are or wherever you are,
For we will be there tending the Sheep,
And watching over God’s children.©

Gail McNaughton © 2010