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“Blessed are the weird people: the Poets and Misfits, the Artists, the Writers & Music Makers, the Dreamers, the Outsiders – for they force us to see the world differently.”

~ Purple Clover ~

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Flowercat © & Friends 3D Doodle Art Gallery!
Flowercat © & Friends Doodle Art Gallery

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Bob and Gail unveil Flowercat & Friends Rug Hooking


Gail is Always Hunting for Angels


The Children's Seed Project Group

Gail has self-published 6 books: “The Angelic Heart”, “Blowing Kisses”“An Agricultural Safari in Brazil and Argentina”, “Garden Memories In The Web Of Life”, “To Have A Cup Of Tea With A Cat & Other Cat Tails” and most recently, “Angel Witness”.

Gail will soon publish a new book, “The Old Red Canoe & Other Lakeside Tails” which she has written.

Gail is a poet and photographer and calls herself, “The Passionate I”.  Gail is a storyteller above all else using “life” as her subject matter.  Her poetry and short stories have been enjoyed in many circles.  It has been a true expression for her highly tuned empathic self.  She writes as the messages flow in the middle of the night, while on vacation, while feeling life’s joys and sorrows and jots down titles that need content at a later date.  Her “automatic writing” is her gift from God as she sees it.

Gail displays Flowered Card Stock
Gail displays *NEW” Flowered Card Stock while she sells Flowercat© & Friends doodle art cards at the Horton Farmer’s Market on June 18, 2011

Gail is also a doodle artist and has created many characters, including her first one, “Flowercat”. Others include, “Mommy Millie Bear”, ‘Chili Chikka”, “Angelica”, and “Grapeathia” and many other family members.  She makes these into greeting cards.  Gail also takes beautiful photos in and Elgin County – St. Thomas, Port Stanley and Port Burwell, of tourist attractions and scenery and Cottage Country and in the Kawarthas.  These are also made into cards or enlarged to customer specifications.

“The Old Red Canoe & Other Lakeside Tails”
is for those who enjoy the outdoors and love being on the lake in a canoe.
The book will feature paintings of Tom Spatafore and Paul Schleusner, both wildlife artists. 

This is a warm-hearted book filled with Gail’s imaginative, whimsical, poetry and doodle art. It will be available in the near future.

“Angel Witness” is for those who enjoy the angelic world.  This is a coffee table book in both soft and hard cover.  It contains poetry, short stories and photos of angels that have been taken around the world, submissions by other colleagues, inspirations, Gail’s paintings, doodle art and much more.  It includes the contents of her first book, “The Angelic Heart”.

“To Have A Cup Of Tea With A Cat & Other Cat Tails” is dedicated to two cats that were part of her life and both have passed away.  They were her babies!  This book contains stories and poetry and features a poem, The Cat Who Came To Tea and a story about Jumbo The Elephant and Thomas the Cat and Spook The Tourist Guide.  Gail’s art is featured for the first-time ever introducing “Flower Cat” and the reader is encouraged to colour in the drawings throughout the book to personalize it. 

“Garden Memories In The Web Of Life” contains true stories and lessons from the garden in the midst of personal events and day-to-day living.  This is a self-help book and one will also learn about “The Garden” in Huna Philosophy and the power of Therapeutic Touch.

 “An Agricultural Adventure In Brazil & Argentina” was born out of fifteen days spent on buses and planes with a tour group of agricultural experts, traversing both countries to witness the significant contributions of the Southern Hemisphere in the agricultural game of life.

“Blowing Kisses” is a series of poems written in a marathon of fourteen hours while at the cottage as a dedication for her husband’s 50th birthday.  Photos taken by the couple are also included.  This is a personal tribute to love. 

“The Angelic Heart” contains poems and stories on the spiritual side of life with a very strong emphasis on the angelic world.  The book includes a parade of angel photos which Gail uses as the basis for a line of angel photo art greeting cards.

Gail resides in St. Thomas and has a summer cottage in Apsley, Ontario.

Gail writes about the feeling she has for life through the eye of an artist and with a third eye, spiritual view. 
Email:  Gail has a Facebook page: The Healing Heart Network.

February 29, 2008

DVD's for sale!

Celebrating Jumbo! 125th Anniversary Commemorative DVD

Alma College
I Am Alma, Your Mother Forever – Alma College 1881 – 2008 

The 2010 IPM
Elgin – St. Thomas 2010 International Plowing Match Commemorative DVD

Jumbo arrives in St. Thomas
Gail specializes in photos of Jumbo
Click Here to watch Jumbo's arrival in St. Thomas

Doodle Art
Baby Grapeathia

Walley, a Maine Coon cat adopted from a Toronto Family


Alma College, 1881


Memories In Wool Display on Joe Preston's (M.P.) Art Wall


VON Group photo with Evelyn McNaughton sponsor of VON for 2008 Walk the Chalk Project Event, St.Thamas

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