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Horton Farmer's Market Harvest Fest Closing Reception, November 6, 2010
Horton Farmer's Market Harvest Fest Closing Reception, November 6, 2010
Horton Market Harvest Fest Closing Reception 2010
Horton Market Harvest Fest Closing Reception 2010

The Weekly News Article 11-17-2010 Regarding Gail's Artwork

The Weekly News Article 11-17-2010 Regarding Gail's Artwork

Press Release IPM 2010
Press Release IPM 2010

In The News - September 29 edition
in The St. Thomas Times Journal
Family & Small Business Review

"Thank you so much for the Easter cards and little eggies!
The cards are exquisite. I’m sure you went out of your way to make them eggstra special for us!!!!"

S. and A.

"Thank you so much for dropping off the cards. They are perfect. I know my girlfriend will love them!"


"I Love your work. I have your cards. "

Pamela Grifferty


"I just came from the post office today to claim the mail you sent. I loved it! haha I’m reading the papers you sent and I also love the compilation and the greeting cards!  I felt inspired with what you have done.  Thank you so much…."


“Checked out the – love the front cover of book – beautiful.”

Bernie Mercer

“Gail may doodle but she does not doodle her life away. Wonderful art.”

Frank Betz

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“I just went to the web site. Amazing!!! More so than you know. I draw, oil paint, in fact have sold some of my things, and have written a Children's book that God dictated to me. That whole thing was so God it is amazing! Will let you go. Great web site. Talk to you soon.”

Brenda Vargas, Welcome Wagon Rep in Woodstock

"They are wonderful and so sentimental!  I am sure they will always treasure your art from the heart!!!"

Susan Smith

"Wanted to thank you for that great newsletter and pictures and poem. There is something magical about Christmas and you shared it in a beautiful way."

Colleen Smith
Executive Director
Ontario Agri-Food Education Inc.

"I have just spent a 1/2 hr on your website. It is so uplifting and bright, some beautiful designs of all kinds and in all forms. I also stopped to read a few verses I will be going back to read more and explore more. My sincere wishes for your success in everything you do. I love your work your spirituality and your zest with life."

Pamela Grifferty

"Please pass on my sincere thanks to Gail for the wonderful cards.  I have a reputation for finding the right card on special occasions and love her cards -- not only are they unique but beautiful.  I greatly appreciate the kind gesture. Thank you…." Petra

"Gail's artwork makes me happy!  I can't look at her doodle art and not
smile!  What a wonderful way to brighten someone's by sending one of her
gorgeous, colourful cards.  I love the photography cards as well.  She has
managed to capture some of the most common things and make them interesting
and original.  The art of a written note or card is not lost, and there is
no other way to send your warm wishes or thoughts than one of her lovely

Marg VanderBurgt

"My doodle art picture is so special.  It is a privilege to have it."

Lois Maxwell

"Just wanted you to know that your card brought a big smile to my face - the artwork and the message both."

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Dog and Pony puts creativity to work for you Marketing, training help is a phone call away
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Image is everything

Learning from the Competion Dog and Pony listens, then produces

Helping clients move forward History in Prints

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Thinking Outside the Box A Souvenier of Jumbo Country

2006 United Way Campaign

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Alma College Letter to Editor


You Can Make a Difference TV Shoot

Canadian Engineering and Tool Video Shoot

eLearn Network Launch Photo Shoot

Stewart Reunion

Gail McNaughton

In business for 10 years, Gail McNaughton is co-owner of Dog & Pony Productions Inc. Their business helps companies, "tell their story to get noticed" through video and animation which has multi purposes including usage on websites.

Being entrepreneurial Gail diversifies in other passions. As a Sales Rep. for the St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce Gail helps build community awareness and provides companies with networking, communications and information opportunities through Chamber memberships.

Gail is also Communications Co-Ordinator for the EBWN and on the Admin. Committee. Near and dear to Gail's heart is her adventure in art and she makes and sells photo art greeting cards of local tourist attractions, specializing in Alma College and Jumbo.

You will also find her "Flowercat & Friends" doodle art enchanting and whimsical. Gail is an author of 5 books including, "To Have A Cup Of Tea With A Cat & Other Cat Tails", as well as, "Garden Memories In The Web of Life".

On the spiritual and holistic side of things Gail is a Therapeutic Touch and Angel Therapy Practitioner and she assists clients to find well being in their lives.
Gail can be reached at 519-637-3777,

The Santa Clause Parade took place in St. Thomas on Saturday, November 22, 2008. It was an extremely cold day. The wind was blowing and it was hard to set up the float that was parked in the Giant Tiger store parking lot across the street from The Talbot Teen Centre, Not only did the balls on the trees fall off but our hands got cold and hot chocolate was soon in order for everyone. Dog & Pony Productions Inc. sponsored The Talbot Teen Centre float. Gail provided her doodle art of Flowercat ™ and Friends as the theme for the parade was “Cartoon Christmas”. Our float was named “Flowercat & Friends Christmas Wonderland". McBain's Signs & Graphics produced blowups of Gail’s art on poles to hold by the teens, staff and friends on the float. A highlight was the Gingerbread House. The route was along downtown Talbot Street, and it was a sparkling night to remember as it was a night-time parade with all the glitz from the lights on the floats and the street lamps and lights in the street’s retail shops. It was a clear night with no snow. I hope you enjoy these photos of Flowercat’s ™ first Christmas parade.

Gail Presenting Market Basket Painting to
Horton Farmer's Market Manager - Trish Herbert

Gail reads "T'was the Art before Christmas" at the Opening night

Gail sells photo pictures at "T'was the Art before Christmas" at the CASO Station in St.Thomas

Gail says Good-Bye to Peter Philips at NAMA

Thomas the Tank Engine Weekend

JUMBO Days at Horton Farmer's Market, 2007

Gail is a frequent vendor at Horton Farmer's Market


Gail displaying Alma College cookie she sold at the Horton Farmer's Market, 2008


Gail on the grounds of Alma College selling Paul Schleusner's Alma College Paintings and her Alma College Photo Art Greetings Cards

Gail manning the Dog & Pony Booth at B2B Trade Show, London

Gail with members of Membership Team at St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce Curling Funspiel
Gail McNaughton © 2010