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I'd like to introduce you to my husband, Bob McNaughton, co-owner of Dog & Pony Productions Inc. His company helps you grow your business by "empowering you to tell your story to get noticed" in a clear, powerful, memorable and persuasive way.

YouTube is a fascinating place to watch videos. You may be envious because video is a powerful marketing and training tool. Your customers and prospects could be watching video or animation that you produce. Bob is a"project manager" at heart with a creative flair. He and his virtual team produce videos for any size of business anywhere in North AMerica. In business for 10 years, they have fun and are a key communications partner by harnessing video, animation, music, still images and creative digital techniques. They can walk a novice through the process and make them a star.

You may want to launch a new product or service, clone your trainer, get across a complicated or technical message have a interactive training CD for your staff, develop a DVD for a trade show booth, put life into an orientation presentation, have customers give testimonials or utilize video on your web site. Whatever the project, large or small video is a proven method to drive home business.

Visit Dog & Pony at, email Bob at or phone 519-637-6410

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