Stephanie McIlroy and I co-wrote a song which is going to be featured November 20th, 2015 at an event for Hopes Garden (an eating disorders resource centre).  The song is called Valentine’s Day.  The song was originally written by myself as a poem and created into a song by Stephanie and her brother-in-law who fine-tuned the music.  It was to honour my husband’s 60th birthday.  Hats off to Stephanie for singing our song.

“Honour & Gratitude” by Gail McNaughton

In this season of our lives,
You will always be my friend.
Dear “Poppy Pin”, everyone knows you,
As you sit patiently on the lapels,
Of people who honour you.
I bow to you in acknowledgement,
Of what you stand for,
In a changing world,
Where change is at every corner.
We must all think about your sacrifice,
To bring freedom and peace,
And honour you in the world,
As a good will ambassador,
As the reminder of what could be
And what has gone on before.
You can slip off our lapels so easily,
And this is to remind us how loosely,
We are tied to freedom,
And how we must,
Continually keep being vigilant.
I’ll cry for you just for today,
For so many people have been lost to war,
And I’ll stand up tall to protect and save,
Your everlasting memory,
In the pages of our lives,
Not only today but every day.


Market News

Horton Farmer's Market Newsletter, October 8th, 2011

You'll find one of my doodle art and a poem I wrote in the Horton Farmer's Market Newsletter, October 8th, 2011.

Events for Horton Farmers’ Market June 18th, 2011
Events for Horton Farmers’ Market June 18th, 2011
Healing comes to the world in many ways. Gail feels that her new book, Angel Witness is one of those vehicles. It is a book of encouragement, a book of hope and a book of beautiful angel photos, prose and poetry. You will find Gail's Mom's inspiration in this book. Through her travels back and forth to Toronto to visit her Mom who was in a longterm care facility (now deceased), her Mom would come out with key words or phrases in periods of dementia. Real gems are hard to forget and they get the juices flowing to write. The pages of this book are an accumulation over a number of years of spiritual writing. You will find a tribute to the late Paul Schleusner in this book as well as a special poem written about Alma College. This soft or hard cover book is a coffee table book and priced at either $135.00 (soft cover) or $145.00 (hard cover). I will offer a price of $125.00 (soft cover) and $135.00 (hard cover) this week at the market. This is a fantastic gift and one that I'd be proud to sign for you. As well, I'll have an assortment of photo art greeting cards for sale of St. Thomas attractions and Flowercat & Family doodle art.

Gail & “Her Family” Doodle Art Painting

Gail at The Appreciation Of The Arts, 25th Anniversary, May 15, 2011-05-17

Gail visits The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints in St. Thomas where her paintings were on display as part of the 25th anniversary of this event hosted for the community by the Church.  This is Gail’s second time displaying her doodle art.

Gail McNaughton’s Art From The Heart was on display at the Appreciation Of The Arts 25th Anniversary at The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints in St. Thomas on May 15th.  Susan Fortin-Smith came along to support Gail as a friend and a colleague in the Elgin Business Women’s Network.

Gail & Her Family Doodle Art Painting

This is Gail’s latest acrylic painting of “Her Family”.  In this painting her Mother is represented by Mommy Millie Bear and her Father is represented by Calvin The Fox.  Gail has her hands placed on the Heavenly Fence which is the bridge between Heaven & Earth and has allowed her Parents to come to her as doodle art characters.  Gail has a sense of peace with this opportunity to spend time with her Parents while painting them.

Elgin Business Women’s Network Meeting April 20th, 2011
"Celebrate Success" facilitated by Gail

Gail McNaughton

The Lime Green Beans Doodle Art

Susan Fortin-Smith Holding Lime Green Beans Doodle Art

A good time was had by all and Susan Fortin-Smith holds up The Lime Green Beans doodle art that was given to each EBWN Admin. Committee member at the May Success Meeting.

Sue Smith, Gail McNaughton and Anne Kenny
Sue Smith, Gail McNaughton and Anne Kenny holding the EBWN Celebrate Success cake

The Lime Green Beans
The Lime Green Beans

photos by April Laroche Jersey Photography

Budget A Surprise Hit - St. Thomas Times Journal - February 22, 2011
Public turns out - St. Thomas Times Journal - February 22, 2011
Budget A Surprise Hit - St. Thomas Times Journal - February 22, 2011
Budget a surprise hit - St. Thomas Times Journal - February 22, 2011

EBWN “Assisting women locally and internationally”
St Thomas Elgin/Weekly News – March 2, 2011
Gail has been volunteering on the Elgin Business Women’s Network Admin committee for a number of years.

We had our Valentine’s Day celebration with Evelyn, Bob’s Mom on February 10th, 2011.  We took our puppy Fleecy with us.  We are delighted to share these wonderful photos with you.

Evelyn & Bob Valentine's Day
Evelyn & Bob Valentine's Day
Evelyn, Gail holding Fleecy, Valentine's Day
Evelyn, Gail holding Fleecy, Valentine's Day
Evelyn, Bob & Fleecy Valentine's Day
Evelyn, Bob & Fleecy Valentine's Day
February 14, 2011 - Happy Valentine's Day
The Heart Tree Fairy

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2011
Please join with us in welcoming our new family members. 
Click here to view the Adoption/Birth Notice.

“Every Doodle Artist needs a Doodle Dog”, Says Gail

Gail has an upcoming new book “Welcome Wag-On” about her real-life experience raising a Golden Doodle Dog to be published in late 2011! Now you know why Welcome Wagon came into her life – not only to welcome and greet new business owners, professionals and managers as well as sponsors, but to welcome in our new dog with some down home “Welcoming” experience!  Gail is the Welcome Wagon Business Professional in St. Thomas & surrounding area.   The name “Fleecy” came from watching sheep being sheered at the International Plowing Match recently held in St. Thomas, Ontario, September 21-25, 2010.  Bob and Gail’s company, Dog & Pony Productions Inc. was a Bronze Sponsor and are producing a commemorative DVD of the Plowing Match as well as providing each volunteer with a souvenir postcard (The Fantasy Series” # 3 Jumbo Souvenir Postcard).  They also animated Elly, the IPM’s mascot, giving the website some animation (  It was her husband’s suggestion for the dog’s name as they were both watching a black sheep being sheered and the commentator was talking about the sheep’s “fleece”.  This book will be based on raising Fleecy and she will talk about her experience as a new Mother.  Here are some preliminary photos of Paisley, the Mother dog who is a black Poodle and her litter of 3 females and 5 males born on October 1, 2010.  If you would like more information on Golden Doodles talk to Wendy at Highview Poodles and Doodles, 226-808-4763 or contact her at  The website is  Check back from time to time to see photos of Fleecy.

Read more about "Fleecy The Doodle Dog"

Gail At Jumbo Statue At Night 09-15-2010
Gail At Jumbo Statue At Night 09-15-2010
125th Anniversary of Jumbo
The Elephant's Death

Gail At Jumbo Statue Reading Her Story Jumbo The Elephant & Thomas The Cat 09-15-2010
Gail read her “Thomas The Cat & Jumbo The Elephant” story from her book, “To Have A Cup Of Tea With A Cat & Other Cat Tails” at the Jumbo statue in St. Thomas on September 15th, 2010.  Gail is hoping that her story will be part of a documentary on the life of P.T. Barnum.  Corey Boutilier, from Independent Film.Com was in town for the Jumbo Anniversary talk given by Steve Peters, local Historian and Speaker of the House, at the Military Museum in St. Thomas.

September 15, 2010, was a momentous occasion. It marked the 125th anniversary of JUMBO’s death. Steve Peters made a wonderful presentation on Jumbo, our famous icon in St. Thomas, to the Historical Society at the Military Museum. Steve is Speaker of The House, M.P.P. for Elgin-Middlesex, former Mayor of St. Thomas, historian and long-time resident of St. Thomas. He showed us some of his rare collection of Jumbo memorabilia and has a special display at the Military Museum until Christmas. 

Attending the event was Corey Boutilier, Executive Director of  He spent the day with Al Goulding, President of Railway City Brewing Company and was shown the sites of St. Thomas.  He is making a documentary on P.T. Barnum and had come to St. Thomas to film Steve’s presentation and witness our Jumbo statue first-hand. My husband, Bob, also filmed the event as a keepsake for the Historical Society.

I introduced the third in a series of “Fantasy Postcards” whereby JUMBO visits the IPM 2010.  When Jumbo was painted pink in 2002 he became magical and could travel around Elgin County.  To this day he is magical as the pink paint is still the primer under his new coat of fresh paint with restoration recently completed by Peter Robson.  I gave this souvenir postcard to each attendee at the event. They are the true historians in St. Thomas who keep our heritage alive. 

Following the presentation, the attendees went to the site where Jumbo died for a memorial and a toast with Dead Elephant Ale. We were an awesome group with flashlights in hand crawling step by step along the railway tracks. 

After this I had a special treat! Corey did a video of me reading the story I wrote about "Jumbo The Elephant & Thomas The Cat", from my book, To Have A Cup Of Tea With A Cat & Other Cat Tails.  I read it in the mystical lighting beside the Jumbo statue late into the evening and it was truly a moving occasion for me.  Every author wants to bring their stories to life for the enjoyment of others and this will become part of the video footage for the documentary.  Corey will let us know when the documentary is completed and will return to St. Thomas to introduce it.

Gail McNaughton

Gail McNaughton with her new IPM 2010 postcards
Gail McNaughton with her new IPM 2010 postcards at the Horton Farmers' Market

New Printed Cards!
First of a series of 10 printed cards with Gail's photo on the back.

Letter To The Editor August 11, 2010

The Healing Heart Network

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of a year long idea and project of one of our fellow members, Gail McNaughton. Gail put forth the intention of creating a networking group specific for Healers, Holistic Practitioners and Care Givers; where her aim was to establish a much needed platform for support, conversation and collaboration of like-minded practitioners in the holistic community.

Gail’s efforts have come to manifest as The Healing Heart Network.

As a local business owner, you now have a resource to access our local practitioners and care givers for your corporate or non-profit organization events. Whether you are looking for volunteers for events; participants for your trade-shows, wellness expos and staff appreciation days; or you’re just interested in personal services for yourself and loved ones, we ask you to post your request on the wall of The Healing Heart Network facebook page.

We welcome your support for The Healing Heart Network whether you are a Holistic Practitioner or not. And if you know of a practitioner or care giver who might resonate with this group, please help us spread the word by inviting them to join this Facebook page.

Visit The Healing Heart Network on Facebook here.

You don’t have access to Facebook? How do you get the word out that you require practitioners for your event? If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can email the information to Melissa Bishop at and she will message all The Healing Heart Network members on your behalf.

Thank you for your time and your support!
Melissa Bishop

Flowercat™ says Happy Birthday


By Gail McNaughton, December 10, 2008
Dedicated to Norma Nelson-Lomoro

“Oh Mommy Millie Bear,
Where are you?"" I’m here,
Sweeping the floors of heaven.
It’s snowing for you today,
As there was a whirl of dust bunnies,
That vanished through the cracks of clouds.
I washed the floors,
So you might get some rain,
And the air conditioning is on,
So it might freeze.
Strap on your skates,
And glide across the universe,
Following the silver trail of glitter,
That I sprinkled to guide your way.
You are free to be who you are,
And I am here to Mother you from above.
I’ll keep God’s house clean,
And at the same time,
Keep a mindful eye on you and your sister,
So that you never feel lost without me.”
“Oh Mommy Millie Bear,
Thank you,
Thank you,
And I hope it snows and rains every day,
So I can feel your love in my life,
Knowing that the Spring, Summer, and Fall,
Will bring new sensations and your presence,
So you’ll be with me evermore.”

Mommy Millie Bear Reaching Out to Others

Now available!
by Gail McNaughton
New Book Launch


Gail McNaughton

Here is an invitation that you cannot refuse…

Be an Angel Witness and experience an exhilarating and fulfilling journey!

A poetic, photographic, and angelic journey awaits you as creative artist and author Gail McNaughton brings you this visually and emotionally captivating read. McNaughton invites you to be an Angel Witness and feel some uplifting moments through the pages of her inspirational book.

Angel Witness is McNaughton’s compilation of angel-related poetry and prose. It also features angel doodle art and photos. The stories and verses in this collection are truly personal and touching—and she shares them openly and willingly to help heal the world.

Being true to herself and to her purpose in life, she helps others through her gifts of art, which she hopes can make a difference. Follow her on this journey; open yourself; embrace the Angelic energy that she is openly sharing with everyone.

Let Angel Witness envelope you in the mystery of the universe where miracles happen to ordinary people and Angels would lead you to make life more meaningful.

My soul was inspired by spiritual love and
the Angels are part of that world. I am an
observer of my own evolution in poetry and photography.
Angel Witness is a testimony to my life-long
passion to give creative birth to spiritual
messages through the language of my heart.
Infused with this are photos of my friends,
the Angelic world, that I know through the
lens of the camera.

Gail McNaughton


Angel Witness

Art in the Making


Gail McNaughton

I was inspired to write this book because of my love for animals, and particularly cats. They are my passion and as I refer to them, "precious persons". Not having children, they are my babies.

Being a poet and storyteller, this book came about to share the stories and drawings from the heart. This is my 5th book, but it is the first time that I'm honouring the creative side through drawings of cats. I am excited about sharing my "Flower Cat" with you, which started as a doodle drawing on a napkin.

This book will appeal to anyone of any age who loves cats and wants to have a fun read.

Our environment influences us all and living in the once-upon-a-time Train Capital of Canada and home of the statue of Jumbo the Elephant who died here, I wrote the following, included in this book, which I hope you will enjoy:

• Jumbo the Elephant and Thomas the Cat
• Spook The Tourist Guide
• Sitting In The Window of a Train
• High Tea at Victoria Rose Place



Alma College Video $25.00

Features Alma College Video, Photos and Poetry By Gail


Art Show of Gail's Doodle Art, December 2008
St. Thomas Public Library

Gail Displaying her Artwork on Joe Preston's (MP) Art Wall


Walk the Chalk 2008

Read the full story click here                  Chalk Art of Flowercat TM

© Gail McNaughton All rights reserved