Alma College

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Alma College Fire by Pam Hedden


Alma College Full Fire by Pam Hedden


Alma College Fire, Face in the Window


Alma College Fire, Side View


Alma College Fire, Saving Chapel


Alma College Fire, After the Fire


Alma College Fire, Demolition


Alma College Fire, Chapel


Alma College Fire and Gail, A Sad Ending Alma College, Fall Colours after the Fire 

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I Am Alma, Your Mother Forever
By Gail McNaughton, June 3, 2008

I was once a community within a community.
I was prosperous and my doors were open to all.
I was a Mother with arms around the women of the world,
Who dignified me with their presence.
They will remember me for I stood for stability in their lives.
I was the energy and catalyst for them,
To take their place in the world.
They laughed in my corners,
Saw hope out my windows,
Danced in the halls,
Made life-long friends,
But stayed near and far.
Near, to remember their youth,
And not too far to return for a visit.
Don’t cry for me for I nurtured you well.
Don’t pine for me for I am alive.
I am bricks.
I am ashes,
But the essence of who I am,
Is sacred space within your heart.
I will always be your Alma –
Your passage of time through my doors,
And your memory of yesterdays.
Don’t forget that I am still here for you –
In the spirit of the community,
In the roots of my soil,
And in the radiance of the bright sunshine,
That nourishes the seeds of life within.
My chapel has survived,
And the angels will pray with you at my side.
We grand old women never die and we revitalize,
And unfold with creativity and intuition,
To bring forth new growth, new opportunity and new energy.
I reach out to you,
For I too will not forget you.
You have touched my soul,
And given me strength,
Through my challenges of old age.
I am not asleep so plant flowers in your mind,
And help me grow.
I am Alma, your Mother forever.

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