I Will Pray For You Doodle Art

The Angel will pray for you. Angels are timeless but this angel has gray hair as she grows older with you and comes to you when you need her to appear wiser. Angels help you but you have to ask them for help. She holds a lovely purple flower giving it to you from God’s purple passion garden. These are mood flowers and turn a different colour with your mood. The purple signifies serenity, just what we would expect from an Angel.

60th Birthday Doodle Art

There Is Only One You For All Time

Even though you might share the same star sign as someone else or have your birthday on the same day, you are very different.  You don’t know how to be anybody else but yourself so you might as well enjoy being in your own skin.  Sometimes that takes a long time to do because it doesn’t always come naturally.  You mature into acceptance.  You and your body, mind and soul change along the way.  You carry “you” all through your life and you grow-up to be the  individual you are.  People appreciate your gifts that you give the world and if you weren’t here, those very special gifts wouldn’t be available.

Cradle those You Love With Love

Cradle those You Love With Love

It is never too late to put your arms around someone you love or even if this person is a friend or associate hug them, shake their hand or touch them on the back.  We need to know that we belong.  When there is nobody else, the Angels are always there to cuddle and cradle us for we are all children of the universe.  Some people hug trees and guess what, the trees have Angels in them so your opportunity for nurturing is all around you, right before your eyes and within reach.

Ashley’s Return Home To Heaven – Poem & Doodle Art

Ashley’s Return Home To Heaven

By Gail McNaughton, January 20, 2011

She raised her arms toward heaven.

Her hair in tangles, tossed about,

Got caught in the branches of a flowering apple tree.

She was trying to float on the wind in the direction towards heaven.

A dove wrapped its wings around her,

And lifted her high above the branches,

Helping her find her way.

God peeked through the billowy, white clouds,

And gently lifted Ashley onto his lap.

He rocked her in his arms,

And smiled at her as his loving child.

As he cradled her, she asked many questions,

And was soothed with his answers.

The dove spread out his wings,

And Ashley lay on top,

Feeling cozy on the blanket of feathers.

He flew her to The House Of The Angels,

And they welcomed her.

She met old and new friends and felt quite at home.

They encouraged her,

To have one last look for now, through the glass floor,

And she could see her family, friends and colleagues far below.

She sent them warm wishes,

From her heart to theirs which they all felt with great affection.

The angels tied her hair with forget-me-nots,

And bathed her in rose water filled with pink petals.

She felt fresh from her journey,

And the special day of her soul’s return to heaven.

Warm sunlight shone upon her,

And Ashley closed her eyes,

As the angels knelt beside her in prayer.

“We love you just as your family and friends do”,

Was the whisper through their chanting.

“Your family will always be there for you,

But we will now take our turn in your care.

We will smile upon you as you sleep,

And know that in your dreams,

You can visit home anytime.

Sleep dear Ashley sleep,

And wake to the new dawn and a new transition,

And be at peace evermore”.

Gail will be reading the poem Ashley’s Return Home To Heaven at this event.

Angels Love Cottage Life

Angels love to be in the woods up north where everything smells so fresh.  They fancy themselves to be “Nordic” in nature whatever the season.  They centre themselves and bring a feeling of calmness to the cottage experience.  There is a blending of the rocks, trees, water, flowers, sun and animals and they live in harmony with a peaceful coexistence with Angels and we humans.


“It’s beautiful. You  really have a talent. Thanks for sharing. Keep smiling and see you soon.  Spring is on it’s way.”


A Special Day For Fleecy—Her First Birthday

Fleecy’s First Birthday was on Saturday, October 1, 2011. I still remember bringing her home wrapped up in a blanket and all the midnight visits with her in the side yard, all the pulling of tablecloths, all the boisterous activities, the puppy classes, time out in the kennel, eating things she shouldn’t and lovely walks and talks. Her positive, playful nature and a lovely disposition make her friends with everyone. Her buddies, Poppy and Panda Bear sit with her routinely in the kitchen and she continues to play with Poppy regularly. The cats can escape through the baby gates across our two kitchen doors but have to really struggle now to get through them.

It was a cool, overcast day in the morning but turned warmer with intermittent sunshine in the afternoon. We sang Happy Birthday to her in the morning and gave her two new plastic squeaky toys—a colourful fully loaded hot dog and a pink Cinderella high-heeled shoe. In the afternoon we walked around Lake Margaret enjoying the sunshine and allowing her to be off the leash where we could. We started from our usual parking spot in Pinafore Park and walked to the back of the park and followed the Lake Margaret trail around the lake for the 1.15 km loop. There were lots of geese on the Lake. We kept her on the leash so she wouldn’t chase them but Bob and Fleecy walking on the path unnerved them and off they flew to congregate on the lake. We walked back to the car with our faces in sunshine and took Fleecy to Shaw’s Ice Cream for an ice cream treat and a drink of water. She lapped down her Vanilla ice cream and seemed to enjoy it right to the last lick. I had Gold Medal Ribbon in a sugar cone and Bob had a two-tier Caramel Apple Pie and Raspberry Chocolate in a waffle cone. We took many pictures of our day with Fleecy to remember her first birthday!

A Special Day For Fleecy