Susan’s Tree Fairy

My neighbour had two limbs of a historical 150 year old Copper Beach  tree fall and braise her house.  I drew a doodle art to commemorate the event because nobody was hurt and could have been.  Everyone was saved by Susan’s Tree Fairy.  Remember that we artists take liberties when drawing so her house took on a new paint job!

“Thank you for sharing yet another wonderful piece Gail.  Your doodle art amazes and intrigues me.  I too see SOOOO much in your work.  I know trees are living, breathing marvels and it always saddens me when any tree’s life is ended (or parts/limbs) regardless of the circumstances.  150 yrs old …. this magnificent tree must have stories to tell we can only imagine”

“What a wonderful way to preserve the memory of an old friend.
Many people in this city have admired the majesty of the tree for years and often wondered its fate.
Great work Gail.”
Cathy Grondin

Susans Copper Beach May 15, 2011
Susan's Copper Beach May 15, 2011