“Honour & Gratitude” by Gail McNaughton

In this season of our lives,

You will always be my friend.

Dear “Poppy Pin”, everyone knows you,

As you sit patiently on the lapels,

Of people who honour you.

I bow to you in acknowledgement,

Of what you stand for,

In a changing world,

Where change is at every corner.

We must all think about your sacrifice,

To bring freedom and peace,

And honour you in the world,

As a good will ambassador,

As the reminder of what could be

And what has gone on before.

You can slip off our lapels so easily,

And this is to remind us how loosely,

We are tied to freedom,

And how we must,

Continually keep being vigilant.

I’ll cry for you just for today,

For so many people have been lost to war,

And I’ll stand up tall to protect and save,

Your everlasting memory,

In the pages of our lives,

Not only today but every day.


gailGail McNaugthon is a poet, writer, photographer and doodle artist. She calls herself “the Passionate I” and is a storyteller using life as her subject matter. She has self-published six books.

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