Sun Worshiper

Everything seems better when the sun is shining.  I remember this in my heart on dull, cold days.  Being a “Sun Worshiper” isn’t about being a tanned golden goddess but praying for the sun to restore us on a continual basis extending to every cell in our bodies.  The sun also brings us the best show of flowers in our garden with the help of rich soil and water.  I always feel pampered by the sun and just love the feeling I get sitting somewhere, closing my eyes and relaxing.  Keeping the centre of your being, “sunshine bright” to nurture yourself, is my wish for you.

Valentine’s Flowers 2013

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Valentine’s Flowers
by Gail McNaughton, February 14, 2013

Today is a special day,
For me to tell you
That you are a bright, radiant flower
In my garden.
I couldn’t live without your golden smile
And your sunny disposition.
You give my life meaning—
For your friendship
Is the most important outside influence
That I cherish.
From the outside in
And the inside out,
You are perfect
And I’m glad I picked you,
To be in my bouquet of love.


Easter Love

Easter Love

April 2, 2012, By Gail McNaughton

It is a time of sharing

A time of caring

A time of eating wonderful treats

Instead of celery and red beets.

It is a magical time for children

Hunting for eggs

A time to spend in church

Tasting communion and not lake perch.

It is a time of festive parades

A time of family gatherings

Of getting together over scrumptious food

With lots of chocolate to keep a good mood.

It is a time to pour love like water

A time to invite friends over

A time to experience harmony and peace

To look at photos with nephews and many a niece.

It is a time of wonderful weather

A time for bright sky so blue

The bright sunshine will warm you all over

Enjoy a roll in the sweet smelling clover.

It is a time to notice

Nature and bunnies all around you

And being pulled out of hats

So beware of any inquisitive cats.

They are so adventurous and curious

May play tricks, scurry and run

Or hide in a hat

And magically pop out as a furry rat.

Of dear, this would scare everyone away

So if this takes place

Best grab hens and chickens

Put on your running shoes and race.

Your Easter can be spent

Anywhere you please

For me,  just pass the chiffon cake

Dripped in butter and icing sugar that you make.

We’ll have a glorious time

Sharing love with one another

So sit at God’s table with us as a guest

Enjoy your Easter dinner

And let us do the rest.

Enjoy Love, Freedom, Joy and Truth which are our highest passions for all of mankind, the animal world as well as the plant kingdom.

Share Your Heart With Those You Love

My friends are Heart Cat, Princess Lacy Gracey, Mommy Bear, Flowercat and Lu-Lu Fairy.  They live within my heart and bring me joy, faith and gratitude.  Their love opens my heart so that I may share Valentine’s love with others.  Make my family your family too and walk with us hand in hand to make the world a better place to live, work and prosper – all with love in our hearts.



By Gail McNaughton, February 14, 2012

Share your heart,

With those you love.

Open up to a richer, deeper emotion,

That is freeing, refreshing and revitalizing.

Look around you,

And see who cares for you,

And love them back,

With deep joy, faith and gratitude.

We are all loveable in our own special way,

And finding the key to unlock the heart,

Is the biggest Valentine we can give one another.

Stand up and be counted amongst the human race,

As one…

Who can share your heart,

With those you love,

And now, with those you don’t even know,

For you’ve witnessed the power of love,

And help one another,

Be a special Valentine,

Not just today but everyday.

Cucumbers For Sale

For some people it is play time at the Market but for others it is a sales day.  The birds even get in on the fun.  As long as the market vendor has enough, she is willing to share and let the juggling continue.  She is wearing her favourite shirt that says “We love vegetables!  Try making cucumber salsa and then invite us all over.

Fresh Fest Doodle Art

Fresh Fest is a big celebration in St. Thomas & Elgin County – it is a celebration of Food and Drink.  It is a time to mix and mingle and enjoy the fruits of labour of many people in agriculture.  The local produce and local businesses come together and entertain us with Chef’s cooking up a storm.  Sampling food is the name of the game.  “Elgonia” shows you her basket of produce that she is proud to present.  You will be proud to eat, drink and enjoy life in the heart of SW Ontario agriculture and especially at Fresh Fest in August.  By day she grows vegetables on her farm and the sunshine and healthy living have produced cute little freckles on her face.  She brings the harvest to St. Thomas which is always bountiful in any season.  She loves the fact that her fruits and vegetables go into the preparation of many succulent and gourmet appetizers, entrees and desserts.  Buy local and buy fresh she promotes everywhere she goes so let’s help her along and do the same.



“Thanks Gail. Can’t wait for those fresh vegetables to be in season once again.”


Valentine Face Doodle Art

We all feel like the Queen Of Hearts when we are in love.  Cupid has touched our very being with magic.  We feel light as a feather.  We feel Love, Joy and Serenity but we also feel like eating Chocolate and drinking Champagne amongst a garden filled with Flowers and little Critters like Birds and Dogs.  Love can be anywhere and the hearts just drift cross your being and the arrow of Cupid hits you and it takes hold.  Heart are like bubbles and float in and out of your body sinking deeper into your fibre of being and explode with the energy of passion for our own well being.  Next thing we know we’re wearing them as an outward expression of our inward feeling.  When you are single just enjoy that stage of your life.  Share your love with your friends, family and pets.  It will make you a better person to accept love in the next stage.  Loving yourself first is key to happiness in a relationship with someone else.   If you were married or in a relationship and are now single, just revisit the love that you shared and try to eliminate the anger, fear, resentment and negativity.  Know that if you’ve loved and been loved, it is a great gift and that gift can manifest itself again.  When people bring you a gift of love from their heart to yours, hold it dearly and with respect for it is the greatest gift of the universe.  Valentine’s Day is any day of the year so don’t get caught up on just one day to celebrate Love, Joy and Chocolate.

Hi Gail,
Thanks. I appreciate the romantic at heart!

Relish Elgin Editor

I Will Help You

“I Will Help You”

I belong to a group of 10 dynamic, supportive, caring women and we all originated at the same space in time over 25 years ago through working in the computer industry. This special doodle art called “I’ll Help You”, is to commemorate our Friendship. Mommy Millie Bear is there to help put up the Christmas Tree and the lights so there is always help around each and every corner and you never have to be alone or do things by yourself. She represents all Mothers who are here and those who have passed over. Fleecy the Golden Doodle Dog, Calvin Fox, Sally Spider, Happy Cat on the Steps, Flowercat in the hanging Picture and the Angel, Angelica, on top of the tree all look on. Calvin Fox represents our Fathers, small in size in the doodle art, but mighty in stature and key figures in our lives. The other animals are our friends, neighbours, family, particularly our siblings and the rest of the world – those acquaintances including angels and fairies. We sip tea, we drink wine and we dine together in the spirit of community and sisterhood. We are there to help one another. Sometimes we are better at it than other times and we learn to help by listening, showing empathy, understanding and compassion. We find joy in the evolution of our lives and entangle more each time we meet, write or e-mail, even though some of us have moved away. Distance is only a footstep away and the Welcome Mat is front and centre in each of our homes. We keep a candle burning and we watch the days of our lives pass by on the calendar, through the passing of the seasons and watching our clocks – days, weeks and finally years add up – all those seconds add up to minutes, to hours and 24 hours flies by and then 365 days are upon us. We are eternal. We give one anther “the gift of time” when we try and get together on a monthly basis. Christmas is special as we reunite once again. We are like a “teacup” and each of us contains the “spirit within” to be fruitful to humanity and especially our fellow girlfriends. The name of each FEX is on the limbs of the coniferous tree for we are jewelled, sparkly ornaments who blossom and glitter and our branches are sturdy and steadfast, gentle enough to hold a baby or a pet and strong enough to support the trials and tribulations of life. The woman putting up the tree represents “Any Woman” (woman of the world) who needs help. We are a body of spirit, soul and heart and the feminine presence in the world as friend, mother, colleague, sister, grandmother, etc. is ever present. It is joyous to be a woman in 2011 and beyond. We wish power, grace, wisdom, compassion, love and joy for each woman in the world.

Photo of Amber Lord & Gail McNaughton

Gail McNaughton, Doodle Artist, VON Volunteer and former Recruitment Coordinator donated 60 Doodle Art Halloween Greeting Cards to go on the Meals-On-Wheels recipient trays on Halloween Monday.  Gail felt that she wanted to brighten the day of those who are receiving assistance from the VON.

In the photo, Amber is holding a frozen meal.  The VON Frozen Meals On Wheels program offers over 100 different entrees, desserts and breakfast snacks to select from.  Specialized diets are also available.

The Meals On Wheels program promotes health and supports independence by delivering nutritious, affordable meals to seniors and adults with disabilities.  Meals can be ordered for short or long term periods of time.  They benefit those who may have a difficult time cooking and shopping.

Meals to over 70 clients are delivered to clients in Middlesex-Elgin on a daily basis from several locations.

Spiders – Halloween Is My Season

I bought this spider necklace and earring set at Sherri’s on Talbot Street.   Yes, I’m stirring gravy and drinking wine at our friends in Ailsa Craig.   This doodle art I specifically did for Heather my good friend in Mississauga but it can be for “any friend”.  Cards are a lovely way to say “Hello”.  If you want boxed sets as Christmas gifts (or any time).  Heather has already order 2 boxes as Christmas gifts for friends.  Each box will contain 5 cards (in plastic jackets with envelopes) for $15.00.  I’ll put them in white boxes and tie up with black ribbon.  I can accommodate a variety of doodle art as well.  It is a fun, happy and colourful gift that is useful.

Doug & Mary Lee's - Gail wearing Spider necklace and earrings
Doug & Mary Lee's - Gail wearing Spider necklace and earrings

Business Sample Show 2011

Bob and Gail McNaughton participated in the Business Sample Show at St. Anne’s Centre on October 19, 2011 Sponsored by the St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce.  They had expected a larger crowd of people but given a dreary night with wind and rain, the attendance was good and who is supposed to be there will always show up.  Regardless of who attended, including the Chamber members and the public, people mingled and visited the vendor booths.  At the Dog & Pony booth, the gift that was given out was one of three greeting cards prepared by Gail  from her doodle art collection.  Each card had a caption on the bottom – “Halloween”, “The Dream Lady Of Joy & Love” or “Pink Is The Colour Of Hope”.  There were those who loved certain cards so this is the one that they selected.  Thanks to all those who attended our booth.  Enjoy your greeting card and remember Dog & Pony Productions Inc., The Photographic Heart and our new division, Social Media COO.  Send your greeting card to someone who you want to contact and send it with love and endearment.  We all need a hug!

Halloween Chili-Chikka
Halloween Chili-Chikka
The Dream Lady Of Joy & Love
The Dream Lady Of Joy & Love
Pink Is The Colour Of Hope
Pink Is The Colour Of Hope