Valentine Face Doodle Art

We all feel like the Queen Of Hearts when we are in love.  Cupid has touched our very being with magic.  We feel light as a feather.  We feel Love, Joy and Serenity but we also feel like eating Chocolate and drinking Champagne amongst a garden filled with Flowers and little Critters like Birds and Dogs.  Love can be anywhere and the hearts just drift cross your being and the arrow of Cupid hits you and it takes hold.  Heart are like bubbles and float in and out of your body sinking deeper into your fibre of being and explode with the energy of passion for our own well being.  Next thing we know we’re wearing them as an outward expression of our inward feeling.  When you are single just enjoy that stage of your life.  Share your love with your friends, family and pets.  It will make you a better person to accept love in the next stage.  Loving yourself first is key to happiness in a relationship with someone else.   If you were married or in a relationship and are now single, just revisit the love that you shared and try to eliminate the anger, fear, resentment and negativity.  Know that if you’ve loved and been loved, it is a great gift and that gift can manifest itself again.  When people bring you a gift of love from their heart to yours, hold it dearly and with respect for it is the greatest gift of the universe.  Valentine’s Day is any day of the year so don’t get caught up on just one day to celebrate Love, Joy and Chocolate.

Hi Gail,
Thanks. I appreciate the romantic at heart!

Relish Elgin Editor

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