International Women’s Day – Meditation Escape Mixed Media Painting

Happy International Women’s Day – March 8, 2013.  Enjoy this painting which I’ve named Meditation Escape.  When I want to get away in my thought I take myself to a place of tranquility.  You can walk and pick flowers along the shoreline or on the hills or contemplate life sitting under a tree.  Just relax with this Mixed Media art.  The symbols in the sky that look like “G’s” stand for Gratitude.

Chinese Blue Chic – Mixed Media

Chinese Blue Chic

I see myself as the Chinese Blue Chic.  My favourite colour is turquoise blue.  As baby birds we grow up.  We leave home.  We fly back.  We seek our destiny far and wide.  We have bird cages to live in with family and friends.  The cages represent many places we stop at along the way – school, business, community, etc.  We have many opportunities where to spend our time.  We are loved and cared for, then we take care of ourselves, then we take care of others through parenting, friendships and as colleagues or neighbours.  Let your baby bird make choices and help him or her fly to a greater awareness of living life with love, compassion, gratitude, joy, faith and fun and finding your purpose and ultimate destiny along the way.  The name Gail, my name, means “Gives Joy”, “A Father’s Joy”, “Father of Exaltation”.  To my Dad, who could bring the birds out of the trees with his whistle, I must have been his “Joy” when born.

Field Of Colourful Sunflowers (Mixed Media Painting)

Field Of Colourful Sunflowers

Sunflowers with their cute little faces make us feel so good, especially if you walk through a field and look up at them.  They are majestic with thick, mile high stocks and make you relish in God’s Gifts of nature.  How could a little seed produce such magnificence?  Children are like that aren’t they?  When they grow up they are beautiful human beings that start with the nurturing and caring of the seed in the womb and are watered and fed till they achieve independence.  They become the new generation of mankind.  When you see a sunflower field, know that God shines in every face just as he does in the face of each of us.