We Love You Doodle Art

Stuffed animals make the best friends.  “Floppy” the dog sits on my dresser watching me as I sleep.  “Mommy Millie Bear” makes sure that Floppy is quiet as I sleep.  Flowercat ™ has one arm supporting Floppy so she won’t fall off.  We bring our stuffed animals with us from childhood and mine are still part of my life as an adult but I must admit this is the second “Floppy” in my life.  “Floppy” # 1 must have gone to heaven to be cuddled by boys and girls there.  The first one was a Pyjama Bag and you could keep secret things inside but this new one is a cuddly toy.  I still have “Kiltz” who also is a Pyjama Bag and several of my dolls.  I must admit though, I collect Raggedy Anne dolls and other stuffed animals so I’ve grown young by being older!  “Fleecy”, our golden doodle dog, loves a stuffed animal and especially one that has a squeaker in it.  She has her own but continually wants Mr. Bunny who sits in a chair in our living room.  Unfortunately she removes the squeaker and stuffing from her animals but is very happy tossing them around when all is said and done.  I guess they are lighter than dragging a stuffed bear across the floor and she has something that looks like a hairy rat that she consumes with her tongue.  Use the things from your past as part of your decor to remind you of your childhood days.  Remember When’s are good for all of us.  Nothing says that adults can’t hug a cuddly stuffed animal and believe me, they don’t talk back, are positive and loving.  “We Love You” they say and we can say the words back.  Take a stuffed toy to someone in a long term care or in a hospital and when the chips are up or down, they will be lovingly valued.

SuperHero Heart Doodle Art

Others are there to support the Superhero.  We are angels at heart for we have wings to share with the world.  Fleecy our golden doodle dog sits in front of me (and is the faithful friend to the end and knows the SuperHero you are).  Flowercat is on the left side (Flowercat’s mission is to heal the world and this doodle came to me in a dream and is my original doodle that helps everyone).  Sally & Lois Spiders hang around in their web waiting to help (they have many helping hands).  Chilli-Chika, the bird on the right listens and makes the call for action.  We all need friends, colleagues and other SuperHeroes to make us who we are and see our potential.  There are many things that I can write about this doodle art.  One thing I discovered over 5 years ago when I started doing these doodles is that when you put a heart around a human figure like in the doodle art, it gives that person wings and makes them angelic.  Wouldn’t the world be a better place if each of us were more angelic.  Wear your wings today and help someone else.