Drawn at The Breast Show, Windemere Manor, April 6, 2013

Hold your head up high and reach for the sky in stature.  Put on a funny face even if you don’t feel like it.  Hold your heart in your hands and visualize the word HOPE.  There are lots of people around you with sunny dispositions who you can hold in your heart and their lightness and clarity will give you peace and understanding.  Attach yourself to healthy people.  Have some fun and possibly go skate boarding, walk in the park and look for feathers, talk to the birds as they will sing back their love in their melody.  Look at colour wheels and perhaps sit in a church that has a stained glass window and feel the colours radiate on your body.  Pray for yourself for when you pray for yourself you also pray for others.

Flowercat’s Nurturing Garden

Drawn at the Breast show, Windemere Manor, April 6, 2013

Flowercat is a very special magical cat who is an old soul with lots of healing energy and she hangs around the garden to help those who need love, support and nurturing.  She has big paws to wrap around you,  She will hug you close to her heart.  She will help you grow like the bulbs that magically set themselves in motion to mature into blossoming flowers and take their rightful place in the world.  She just tells you to sit and bring a cup of tea to the table she has set out for you.  She is waiting patiently for you to ask for help.  When you take a seat, she will know that you are ready.

It’s All About The Easter Eggs

Easter Bunny has spent a lot of time cooking Easter Eggs so they are ready to deliver to children and adults but her work is not done as it is Easter Friday.  She made them nice and bright and colourful so that they could be found easily.  She loves to sit in her Easter Basket popping up and surprising people.  She sends out lots of love to you with hearts spreading themselves in the cosmos.  Blue Birdie keeps her company and takes the eggs and hides them so they are a good team.  Easter Sunday is almost here so goodbye for now as she must keep cooking.  Relax and have a cup of tea in the midst of the hustle and bustle of making Easter Dinner.  Don’t forget to wear bright Easter colours and give someone who needs a hug and some flowers some of your time, energy and love.  Wrap your arms around them and tell them you love them today and every day.

We Are Avid Tea Drinkers, No Coffee For Us

Tea drinking is a social thing to do, it sit and have a cup of tea with a friend or two.  Recently I and other friends around me have been having tea parties.  Now there are all kinds of different teas but my favorites are Black Current and Blueberry as well as Honey Lemon.  Tea drinking began at an early age for me when I would sit at the dinner table and pout tea in my milk glass and stir it with a spoon so that the glass wouldn’t crack.  I drink my tea black now and I love Tim Horton’s Steeped Tea.  My family have always sat and had tea together and many things were discussed during that period of time.  The time it takes to drink a cup or two of tea is a nice social clock as you never want to overstay your welcome.  Yes, I know, I am sounding like “Ms. Manners”!  You will often see tea cups in my artwork for it is a reminder to me and others to refresh, revitalize and socialize.  Take some time for yourself and relax.

Flora The Baby Goat

Flora is a baby goat and has brothers.  Her Mother is Daisy who constantly chases her around the barn.  She goes off to play with her triplet brothers.  At a week old she is already jumping on logs in the yard, bales of straw and anything else she can find.  She will join the head of dairy goats and contribute to The Lavender Lane Farms goat milk soaps in a few years.

Bald Eagle In A Tree Surrounded By Greenery & White Sweet Smelling Flowers

The Bald Headed Eagle is one of those angelic birds that we admire and we don’t see them very often.  They are so powerful and agile and soar in the sky so gracefully.  Don’t you wish you could fly too?  Don’t you wish that you had their eyesight?  This Bald Headed Eagle sits amongst sweet smelling flowers high up in the greenery of tree branches and is enchanted with the heavenly smell so much so that he is feeling intoxicated.  Hopefully he is not going to fall out of his new found nest.

60th Birthday Doodle Art

There Is Only One You For All Time

Even though you might share the same star sign as someone else or have your birthday on the same day, you are very different.  You don’t know how to be anybody else but yourself so you might as well enjoy being in your own skin.  Sometimes that takes a long time to do because it doesn’t always come naturally.  You mature into acceptance.  You and your body, mind and soul change along the way.  You carry “you” all through your life and you grow-up to be the  individual you are.  People appreciate your gifts that you give the world and if you weren’t here, those very special gifts wouldn’t be available.

Peacock With Seeing Eyes

Peacocks Guard The Castle Of Prince Rupert of Fantasy Land

 These peacocks guard the castle of Price Rupert, the Prince of Fantasy Land.  They are blessed with iridescent blue-green plumage.  They strut around the castle displaying their shimmering fans to onlookers.  The ladies of the Court love them and feed them sweet treats.  Being fearless they can do Price Albert’s biddings to keep the palace safe.  Their eye spots are enticing and they mesmerize their prey so if you don’t want to get caught in “their land of a 1000 eyes, look away.


Truffles is 7 months old as of December 2nd but my photos say December 1 as that was when they were taken.  Enjoy our little “Sugar Bear” Truffles.  She has the freedom of the house as she jumps over the baby gates..  Her hair is about 6 inches long and crinkly. We are back into lessons once again at PetSmart and I am having private lessons because nobody else signed up for the class.  She walks very well on the street with me but she dashes out the door if she gets a chance and runs wild all over the neighbourhood.  She chases the other three cats around the house when she gets a chance.  She is sleeping on our bed sometimes and other times she is in her crate (her den).  I feel much joy having pets and wanted to share Truffles with you.  Her favourite thing is to lay down beside me with my hand in her mouth – something I’ve done with her right from when I brought her home.  Norma gave me a grooming arm and I got a noose for it so I have an art table that it is attached to so this is where I groom her sometimes but our favourite time is when I get out of the shower and my brush becomes a play toy.  When you brush her out the curls disappear but when you dampen her, the curls come back.  Needles to say she was a wet mop after dashing down the street in the rain and rolling on the grass.  Her hair remains crinkly until it gets brushed out.  Right now Norma put a Christmas scarf around her neck and yesterday I tied purple bows on her hair including one on her head.  She is just like a big teddy bear but at 45 lbs. I can pick her up.  She and I dance in the kitchen and she can go backwards with much precision which has impressed me.

Truffles 7 months old December 1, 2012
Truffles 7 months old December 1, 2012


Bob Holding Truffles 7 months old 2012
Bob Holding Truffles 7 months old 2012