Doodle Art Cards Wrapped Up In A Bow For Christmas Gifts

Let me know if you would like some “mail friendly” gifts.  Being a doodle artist I have a vast array of doodle art greeting cards.  Each is encased in a plastic jacket.  If you would like me to make you up packages of greeting cards let me know.  It would be a variety pack and each card has an inspiring caption on the front in either pencil or ink.  The cost for a package of 5 cards and envelopes tied up in a bow is $15.00 .  These make great gifts for friends, neighbours, colleagues, the Teacher, your hairdresser or other service providers.  Thank you for the opportunity to present my passion to you.  Buying local is appreciated.  Just e-mail me at or through facebook.  You can pay cash or cheque.  You can pick these up at my house, I can mail them (small fee) or deliver them locally.  Le me help you save time and everyone to date loves my cards.  You can see them at under Doodle Art.

Take care and have a lovely day,


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